Contact Lists to Simplify Grant Assessment Workflows

With Enquire Grantcycle Management save time setting up and administering grant assessment workflows by linking workflows steps to contact lists.

Save time setting up and administering grant assessment workflows by linking workflows steps to contact lists. The new functionality allows clients to flexibly manage any changes to business processes and staff.

This simple to use feature offers clients more options for the configuration and management of grant assessment workflows. Multiple users and contacts lists can be linked to a workflow step to support grant program management across multiple business areas.

Access for workflow steps is managed through linking separate contact lists to each step. This allows business area managers to independently manage staff access to each workflow step without altering the assessment workflow and business processes.

Workflow contact lists can also be used to assist with changes in staff availability. If a member of the grant assessment team becomes unavailable, system administrators can update the contact list linked to the relevant workflow step to provide access to a replacement staff member.

Workflow contact lists can easily integrate with other Enquire grant application management features to reduce time spent administrating business processes.

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