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Tactiv offers the training and support services you need to manage Enquire and evolve as your needs change.

Enquire Training

Enquire’s modern interface makes it enjoyable and easy to use, configure options, manage teams and roles, all with ease through our Administration Portal.

Our clients typically benefit from a train the trainer approach, providing them the skills and capability to easily and quickly configure Enquire to meet changing requirements, all without any code or custom development.

Enquire training can be provided as part of an Enquire project implementation or separately on an as-needed basis. Training can be customised to the needs of any organisation with a focus on the area(s) desired. On-site and video conferences options are available. 

Contact Tactiv for more information on Enquire Training Services and Fees and options for on-site or web based services.

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Tactiv’s Customer Support teams delivers self-paced training focused on what your need for your organisation. Contact us to discuss training options.

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