Implement Enquire to Drive Change in Your Organisation

Your organisation can drive business process improvements that will streamline decision-making, contribute to organisational performance management and save time and money on managing data when you implement Enquire.

Deliver full lifecycle business process improvement across your grants, contracts and projects when you implement Enquire. Enquire’s in-depth and flexible configuration means your business processes can be quickly and easily adopted, and improved, to ensure maximum benefit from adopting a grants, contracts and project management software system.

Often organisations are faced with a stark choice on adopting a new grants, contracts or project management software system: realign to fit or face expensive custom development. Enquire’s modular approach, with configurable templates, work processes, dashboards and reporting tools means you can transfer and improve your business process while implementing Enquire.

To do this Enquire goes beyond most Saas (software as a service) options by employing our successful implementation methodology to workshop, analyse, configure and deploy a grants, contracts and project management software system configured to your exact specifications.

Tactiv’s Enquire implementations follow a best practice methodology using a flexible, experienced and scalable team. Our methodology is adaptable to your needs and is well practiced across a wide variety of organisations. This ensures you achieve financial returns through efficient and effective implementation, integrated change management and training.

Analyse and Collaborate

Tactiv’s Enquire analysts work directly with you to assess and review your requirements. Workshops and process mapping means when you implement Enquire you proceed in a manner that is both highly responsive to your needs and provides an exceptional opportunity to improve and streamline your existing processes and systems by working through your requirements.

Communicate and Transform

With requirements determined it is critical to communicate and work with all stakeholders to review, revise and gain support for the approach to implement Enquire. This could be something as simple as an updated grant application, a contract template or complex changes like performance reporting data and scheduling.

Design and Interact

Even though Enquire is a highly configurable system our analysts will undertake design work to ensure your requirements are clear and the process flows as it should. This could include work to test process maps, review new reporting templates or system forms and can involve a wide range of stakeholders to ensure what is envisaged is actually what is needed.

Develop and Test

Coding client specific configurations in Enquire happens quickly because it is based on a flexible component based system, but also because of the time and effort put in throughout the earlier stages.

All development work is delivered fully tested by Tactiv’s test and quality assurance team, ready for client testing. All testing issues are resolved prior to proceeding with deployment of Enquire.


Enquire is delivered as a Saas system, meaning it is an application deployed from a central secure cloud based environment. Clients need only an internet connection and a browser to access Enquire.

Tactiv’s Enquire analysts prepare an implementation plan that includes migrating data, generating users and other critical work to ensure it is ready for your use.

Training and Change Management

Alongside implementation Tactiv project managers will work with your team to prepare training that is specialised to your particular configuration.

During the final stages Tactiv consultants will also help contribute to your change management plan and activities to make sure the adoption and benefits realisation are maximised.

Our experience in implementing Enquire across a wide variety of clients can deliver insights and approaches that will help your organisation adopt Enquire more readily.

After Enquire has been fully implemented training and support are continually available. Through face-to-face training, video conferencing, webinars, detailed help information online, plus direct support from the Enquire Help Desk means assistance is always readily available.

Tactiv’s Enquire offers organisations an opportunity to improve their management and administration of grants, contracts and projects. Through our well-practiced methodology and experienced project managers and analysts your organisation can drive business process improvements that will streamline decision-making, contribute to organisational performance management and save time and money on managing data when you implement Enquire.

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Enquire Grant, Contract and Impact Reporting Management software streamlines administration, enhances visibility and automates reporting across our 3 easy-to-use online solutions. 

  • Publish and administer online grant applications online
  • Manage grant contracts, projects and relationships
  • Report on grant status, budgets, milestones and impacts
  • Online contract repository for all contract documents
  • Generate contracts, set alerts and track contract status
  • Automate reporting, renewals and milestone tracking
  • Set and track plans, KPIs & impact goals
  • Collaborate externally, capture data and communicate
  • Grow investment and improve investor relations
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